Wet & Dry Process

Artistic Milliners is capable of providing its customers with a wide array of washes and dry process effects; our laundry is equipped with the latest Tonello machines for the wet process and MARGHERITA machines for dry process effects. At our laundry we tap our experience and extensive knowledge to provide our customer with high fashion goods and maintain strict quality controls in order to ensure consistency during this critical production process. Artistic Milliners believes in constantly enhancing its laundry capabilities through investments in both machinery and technical consultation. Artistic Milliners is capable of producing the following effects:

  • Whiskers,
  • Tinting,
  • Scraping,
  • Garment dyeing,
  • Random Bleach,
  • Sand Blast,
  • Distress,
  • Distortion,
  • Resin coating,
  • Baking,
  • Silicon wash.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view images of Artistic Milliner’s Garment Wet & Dry Process: