Artistic Milliners, Star Fades International Tap Officina+39 for Sustainable Washes

Posted at Rivet
16 April 2021
Liz Warren

Though denim trends may look like they’re traveling back in time, they’re getting more futuristic in terms of how they’re crafted. Pakistan-based Artistic Milliners announced a series of new developments that bring denim production to the 21st century—one of which gives the company and its newly acquired L.A.-based denim laundry Star Fades International (SFI) an exclusive on a new sustainable wash technology in North America.

The companies partnered with Italian chemicals experts Officina+39 to develop two new washes using its new Aqualess technology. Officina+39 debuted the technology earlier this year to give the effect of vintage washes using less water and fewer chemicals.



The first wash, Clear Fade, mimics the popular acid wash and bleached finishes recently seen on the Fall/Winter 21-22 runway. This effect is achieved using Officina+39’s Oz-One Powder, which replaces harmful chlorine or potassium permanganate chemi