Design Innovation at Artistic Milliners is the heart and soul of every product we make. Quality and Precision is achieved by striking a perfect balance between Creativity and Eco Technology.

About Us

Going beyond the ordinary

Artistic Milliners is a global denim powerhouse with a strong focus on automation, innovation, research, people and planet. With a legacy of more than 70 years, Artistic Milliners is a multi-faceted, vertically integrated denim and garment manufacturer with annual production capacity of 108 million meters of fabric and 30 million garments respectively.

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Circle of LIFE

Nurturing People &Planet

We are all beautifully and intricately interconnected with each other and our planet which means every choice we make has both consequence and potential. Circle of Life represents our philosophy on being one with nature.

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Industry 4.0

30 Million
Units of garments
per year
108 Million
metres of denim
fabric per year

Enabling a More connected Denim Ecosystem

Revolutionizing the way we operate business through interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time dashboards.

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Inspiring with Thought Leadership

A collaborative learning platform where we are inculcating the right skills among our employees through targeted trainings based on need assessments.

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Our Ecosystem

Recreating the Future of Dreams

We are a global power house of denim, apparel, design & finishing and clean energy. From spinning where yarn fiber is made for weaving, dyeing to converting the denim fabric into a perfectly crafted, eco-friendly pair of jeans, we put our heart and soul in everything we create.

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