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We are a global power house of denim, apparel, design & finishing and clean energy. From spinning where yarn fiber is made for weaving, dyeing to converting the denim fabric into a perfectly crafted, eco-friendly pair of jeans, we put our heart and soul in everything we create.





7.3 million Lbs

Yarn per month


Our spinning facility houses the most sophisticated automation in the region, resulting in the production of the finest quality yarn. All our raw materials are ethically sourced including varieties such as BCI, organic cotton as well as fibers such as acrylic, viscose, polyester, and pre-consumer, industrial and post-industrial waste. We ensure that quality is checked at every stage via our advanced testing lab.


Artistic Milliners is the first Denim Company in the world to develop C2C Gold certified fabric. We take pride in our design thinking to create the most versatile denim fabrics harnessing the power of green technologies. With over 500 looms, we are producing 9 million meters of finished fabric per month. Our denim facility has one of the most extensive dye ranges in Asia with 12 dips.


Water Recycling


Energy Saving


Water Recycling


Energy Saving


We are one of the top-rated LEED Platinum certified factories in Pakistan. Leveraging our legacy of 70 years, we are committed to manufacturing jeans tailored to perfection while caring for people and the planet. Our purpose-built eco-tech facilities are equipped with industry-leading automation with a production capacity of 30 million garments per year. We also manufacture jackets and other high-value apparel.

Artistic Energy

With Artistic Energy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Artistic Milliners, we are producing the cleanest form of energy by harnessing the power of nature from Wind, Solar and Hydro. Our wind farms are supplying renewable energy to the national grid currently generating 100 MW with zero occupational incidents and lighting up more than 50,000 households.

We are also making progressive investments in solar and hydro energy. Solar Hybrid project of 25MW and a separate 50MW Solar project in Sukkur is in the final phase while 2 Hydropower projects in KPK, with a combined capacity of nearly 100MW, are also in progress.


Wind Energy

Hydro Energy

Solar Energy