AM takes inspiration from Japan for more efficient dye process name Ice Breaker

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10 August 2021
Author Staff

Pakistan-based mill and manufacturer Artistic Milliners has spent two years developing a dye process that it claims is 20% more efficient and offers 25% better laserability compared with regular dyes. While the mill could not give us details of how exactly this is achieved, it said Ice Breakers proprietary process uses less power than other dyeing processes. It also says it was inspired by the Japanese denim masters to achieve deeper shades and richer casts. A spokesperson said: The Japanese have a rich and ancient tradition of indigo dyeing, which, coupled with post-war industrialisation, resulted in a justifiable reputation as artisans of indigo. Our methods help recreate the cast and richness that they are famous, for while dialing down the relative energy cost. The technology has been piloted for six months and is now ready to introduce to the market.