Artistic Milliners has acquired a denim factory in Commerce, California. The new venture, called Star Fades International (SFI) is an integral part of our vision to offer clients supply chain 4.0 principles and 360-degree design in the U.S.


Star Fades International-SFI

Powered by the facility’s existing expert team, SFI will provide turnkey and custom wash and finishing services to a customer roster that ranges from large international retailers to specialty premium labels, with future capacity expected to be over 300,000 units/month.

The allure of L.A. adds a new dimension to our portfolio, with an established facility equipped with industry-leading wet and dry process technologies, including lasers, ozone and e-flow machines. As the first Pakistani denim company with a factory in L.A., we aim to raise Pakistan’s profile as a sourcing destination, and to pass on the benefits of being a vertical operation to its customers.

Together with our ability to scale production in Pakistan and SFI’s speed capabilities, we aim to further sustainability and efficiency in the supply chain by accurately forecasting demand and dynamically adjusting inventory levels, a true cornerstone in our vision to become a conglomerate of the future.